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Our Journey Through Code is a community/web series focused on highlighting journeys, accomplishments and achievements of women of color in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and other Tech fields. The goal of this series is to empower young women of color by showing them that they too can excel in the tech world.

Through our community we hope to create a support system and cultivativate a network of women who can help empower, guide and support each other as we work together to conquer the tech world.


Less than 4% of Computing Occupations are held by women of color, and with the tech industry growing so fast and female tech positions growing at 238% faster than their male counterparts, it is imperative that we get more women in tech. Unfortunately, navigating the tech world as a minority has it challenges and over 56% of women in technology occupation Quit, and an even larger number of minorities drop out of tech based majors because of a sense of belonging and the imposter syndrome. Black, Latinx and Native American/Alaskan and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander women earn just 10% of Bachelor’s degrees in computing combined, with Latinax women being the most severely underrepresented relative to their overall populations.


We aim to showcase a vast number of women of color in various subcategories in the field of tech with the goal of inspiring the upcoming wave of women of color in tech to believe in their abilities and be confident that success is attainable.  We release new videos biweekly, highlighting women at various stages of their tech career and we also provide insight, inspiration and advice via our social media platforms to start difficult conversations and address what we need to change. This interaction with what we call our Jetsetters is what makes the strong force for change and the powerful community of Our Journey Through Code.

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